NYC Department of Sanitation’s Establishes DonateNYC Food Portal for Businesses and Nonprofits


DonateNYC is the Department of Sanitation’s newest approach to reducing the amount of edible food sent to the landfill by businesses and nonprofits. The program’s goal is to assist in the process of donating local food that would otherwise be disposed to organization that can use or redistribute the food. The food donation portal is designed for any business, nonprofit or community group only and is not for use by individual residents.

Donors (businesses or other qualifying agencies) use the portal to post any quantity of safe, edible food and specify the food type, shelf life, packaging and delivery requirements. Donors must include timeframes for pickup or delivery. The portal allows for the coordination of delivery to the closest recipient organization using the platform’s calendar.

Automated tax receipts are available to donors and all of the donors activities are tracked in the portal’s dashboard. In addition, the name of the business making the donation remains anonymous until the donation is accepted by the recipient organization. The recipient’s location is not shared with the donor unless the recipient chooses to share it with the donor.

Westchester Square restaurants and businesses can now easily participate in the donation program. Learn more about Donate NYC Here