Sasha Ortiz Awarded Certificate of Completion for Citizen’s Police Academy


On May 22, New York City Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill presented certificates of completion to participants of the Citizens Police Academy, a 10-week program that allows civilian New Yorkers to gain a better understanding of the skills and abilities that police officers bring to community partnerships. Among the participants of the program was Sasha Ortiz, Executive Assistant at WSBID. The program is available in all New York City precincts and Ortiz represented the 45th Precinct, the precinct to which WSBID is assigned and collaborates closely on a variety of public/merchant/district safety issues.

The Citizens Police Academy is an accelerated civilian training program, established to provide members of the community with a background and understanding of NYPD policies and activities. The Academy training seeks to improve police/community relations through educating the public about police work. Since its inception in 1993, the program has trained thousands of New Yorkers in the same concepts and content taught to NYPD recruits.

During a special ceremony that took place at 1 Police Plaza, NYC Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill presented Ortiz with a certificate of completion. “This was a great opportunity for me and through this course, I was able to learn what community citizens can do to assist and work together with police officers,” stated Ortiz.