Merchant Spotlight: Crown Trophy


Greg Perry is celebrating 30 years as the owner of Crown Trophy located at 2554 East Tremont Avenue. Crown Trophy is a franchise organization that has expanded to 140 stores throughout the United States and Perry’s store is part of the original 8. Perry focuses on providing customers with awards of excellence such as certificates, crystal and acrylic plaques, and medals and trophies. His business services schools, churches and individuals in general. Throughout his three decades in business, Perry prides himself on being dependable, reliable, satisfying the customer’s needs. “We create what we call ‘the feel good experience’ and this experience comes about because we MRI; for each customer to Motivate Recognize, and Inspire,” said Perry. He believes being of service is key to customer fulfillment and by providing excellence to customers, they become clients.

Perry has overcome a multitude of personal loss and tragedy to fully establish his business, gain the trust of customers and convert them to clients by providing superior quality products. “I never allowed the obstacles I faced to prevent me from achieving success,” he stated. Perry became involved in the trophy business due to his past work with the Police Athletic League (PAL), which he took on as a side job in the 1980s. Grasping the importance and significance of standing by his word as a businessman when other vendors could not provide timely or quality service, Perry realized he needed to deliver quality goods to his customers that arrived on time. Adhering to this philosophy has made him one of the most credible and entrusted trophy/awards businesses.

His longevity in the trophy business is also due to his strong belief in being supportive of others and bringing out the greatness in them. Perry is most gratified by bringing joy to people’s lives. “Gratitude is important, and a simple Thank You though an award or certificate helps others grow.”