Earth Day at the Square

Join us for Earth Day, Saturday, April 27 from 12pm-3pm, as WSBID hosts a variety of earth-friendly activities in which kids, adults, and families can partake and enjoy. The event is in collaboration with the Department of Transportation and Weekend Walks as a five-borough initiative.  Earth Day is celebrated in more than 193 countries and we, as a community, will work together that day to embrace nature, promote environmental awareness and support the protection of our planet. 

One of our Earth Day activities will involve beautification of the Square. Students and volunteers have willingly offered their time and green thumbs to plant fresh flowers in the large planters all throughout the Square. This activity will rejuvenate our business district and add a touch of flora to the streets of our community. Additional volunteers are still needed and welcome to participate in this activity.

Recycling awareness is an essential aspect of Earth Day and WSBID is proud to offer a unique Earth Day recycling activity for kids and families that incorporates an educational component. Through this activity, kids and families will learn why recycling is important and how it impacts the planet. Families will also learn how reducing, reusing and recycling helps improve their community and preserve our planet.

Spend Earth Day with us at the Square and take part in the fun, learning, and beautifying of our business district.  Volunteers are still needed for the activities of this day. Help to make your community beautiful and protect the planet by offering your time for this important event. To volunteer please click here