What the 2019 Tax Laws and New Minimum Wage Increase Means to Your Business


As tax season approaches, it’s important for business owners to understand how the 2019 tax laws, any key provisions, or updates affects businesses. Utilize and consult with the tax service offices in the district to learn what you need to know this year.   
A new minimum wage increase went into effect recently in New York City. The increase for a worker’s salary is determined by the industry (hospitality, fast food, and others) and businesses owners should have a plan in place to budget for the increase. To assist businesses in being prepared for tax, wage and other business issues, WSBID will offer a Business “Bootcamp” in March. This bootcamp will provide useful information on how to leverage technology and marketing techniques in business, and help business owners learn more about many of the financial and legal issues involved with owning a small business. Additional details on the Business Bootcamp is forthcoming.

Mark Gjonaj Supports Passing Storefront and Building Signage Bill

Council Member Mark Gjonaj recently released a statement seeking to pass a bill that stops the enforcement of the city’s outdated storefront signage law. If passed, the bill would require the city to refund signage related fines issued to businesses within the last year, and create a task force to study the issue and modernize the law. View the full press statement from Council Member Mark Gjonaj.