1010 WINS Applauds the Westchester Square BID

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The Westchester Square BID 

WSBID is public-private partnership that works together with property owners, merchants, city officials and agencies to revitalize and maintain the historic neighborhood of Westchester Square. Acting as an agent of community development, we support the livelihood of the district's legacy by providing promotional programming for community engagement and acting a supplementary resource for our district's businesses.

About the District




The mission of the Westchester Square Business Improvement District (WSBID) is to make the Westchester Square district cleaner, safer, more beautiful and to undertake enhancement projects. We focus our efforts on the supplemental sanitation, promote and market the area's diverse business and cultural offerings. The success of the BID is driven by the need to increase foot traffic and attract new merchants and businesses to the area. The space bank program will coordinate the goals of rental space with the needs of the area's retail mix objectives.